Monday, March 12, 2012

Todo's for Monday 3/12.

Today I need to....

  1. Find a place in Las Vegas to repair the PowerTech 15KW generator.  
  2. Replace 3 Cranking batteries in the bus that I have on order.
  3. Hopefully run get a 2000 watt Honda generator. 
Hopefully my bad back will hold up.  It has been killing me for days since replacing 2 Coach batteries in the bus.

Coach Batteries.  I have 8 total and just replaced 2.
DEKA Dominator GEL 8G31DTM
98 AH @ 20 hrs / 780 MCA / 550 CCA

Cranking Batteries.  I have 3 and all 3 need to be replaced.

Interstate Batteries Workaholic 31 MHD
950 CCA / RC 195

We will be rolling out of Bullhead City next Monday after 2 months here.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Welcome to my new blog.

I thought I would start a blog.  All the cool kids seem to have them.  I will post my observations as I go through life.  I hope I don't step on too many toes.

Welcome as you are in on the ground floor.