Monday, March 12, 2012

Todo's for Monday 3/12.

Today I need to....

  1. Find a place in Las Vegas to repair the PowerTech 15KW generator.  
  2. Replace 3 Cranking batteries in the bus that I have on order.
  3. Hopefully run get a 2000 watt Honda generator. 
Hopefully my bad back will hold up.  It has been killing me for days since replacing 2 Coach batteries in the bus.

Coach Batteries.  I have 8 total and just replaced 2.
DEKA Dominator GEL 8G31DTM
98 AH @ 20 hrs / 780 MCA / 550 CCA

Cranking Batteries.  I have 3 and all 3 need to be replaced.

Interstate Batteries Workaholic 31 MHD
950 CCA / RC 195

We will be rolling out of Bullhead City next Monday after 2 months here.


  1. Let us be the first to comment on your new blog.....wouldn't Kellie ever let you play on her blog? Good luck with that generator fix. When it is running again, maybe you can sell some of those 15KW to help light up the Vegas strip. We see you got a metal detector. I scored one off Craigslist about a week ago. And we also carry a telescope although we have yet to use it. You can also take the Flamingo Avenue city bus from Sam's Town to the strip. Have fun in Vegas. The Boonedocks, Gary and Leeanne.

  2. Hey George!! Wish you were coming our way too! The sand dunes are great and the weather fantastic. Waiting for your opinions just so we could disagree! LOL.